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Ponyfinder: Bit N Bolt Now Available

In Ponyfinder, you can be a pony of various types (as one would expect). You can be a full flesh-and-blood pony. Or, you can be a mechanical one. However, with Bit N Bolt, you can now be the bionic pony that you've always wanted.


From the release:

Welcome to sunny Bit N Bolt, where your future is looking brighter and well managed. Now, don't confuse us with the steelhearts; we're ponies inside! We understand what a good meal is and even enjoy them at times. Come, see our art and maybe become a neighbor. We welcome you, two legs or four.

New feats, class options, traits, lore, backround, and spells await within!


Compatible with Ponyfinder and 5th edition, and Pathfinder roleplaying games.