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Pony Bowl Fantasy Football Team Up On Kickstarter

A new set of fantasy football players is up on Kickstarter. They're not your average gridiron team. They're a bit more into horsing around. They're the Pony Bowl team and you can get yours now.

From the campaign:

Akaro Dice, a veteran company in design and manufacturing of customized dice, and it´s division 3D Akaro Studio presents their very first Kickstarter project: Pony Bowl Team for Fantasy Football.

From the farthest end of the rainbow, will come to plant all your fields of purpurin, color, and happiness... Will be able?

The rainbow lands on the Pony´s bench, blinding the crew with their brightness colors. Through it the lineup for the match slides. The noise of the public doesn’t let hear the music, the Pony Bowl is here!

The money of the campaign will be use for the manufacturing and packaging costs of the miniatures.

Miniatures will be produced in high quality metal.

The campaign's getting close to funded with 15 days left to go.