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Polytheism in Pathfinder

Many people all over the world are Polytheistic. That means that there's multiple gods that they will pray to on a regular basis, and possibly many more that they believe in but don't specifically worship. While many fantasy realms are polytheistic ones, most RPGs still expect your characters to simply follow one. But what if you want a polytheistic character? Well, in the upcoming Lost Omens Gods & Magic book from Paizo for Pathfinder, you'll be able to do that.

From the post:

The people of Golarion have literally hundreds of gods that they could choose to follow. In fact, many people follow the teaching of multiple deities in their everyday life. A farmer might pray to Gozreh for rain, Sarenrae for lots of sunlight, and Erastil for a good harvest all in the same day. Considering this was a common aspect of so many of our characters and stories in Pathfinder, we thought that Lost Omens Gods & Magic was the perfect time to introduce a way to represent polytheism mechanically.

Pantheons are groups of related gods that can be worshipped either individually or together. In some cases, these gods share thematic ties. The farmer mentioned above sees Erastil, Gozreh, and Sarenrae as important because of their influence on the farmer’s crops. In other cases, gods are all part of the same pantheon due to their common worshippers. Most elves worship the same group of elven deities, for example. Sometimes gods might be actually related, such is the case with Torag and his family who make up the dwarven pantheon.