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Podcast Radio

Tuesday? Already? I've mentioned it before, but going to Build & Paint night at the LGS really does make my weeks feel that much faster. And as always, that's not a complaint. To help continue the trend of a speedy week, let's put on some gaming podcasts. This week on the dial we have:

Primecast Episode 6

Ahoy, Crew,

Hoist the Jolly Roger! All hands on-deck! Tighten up yer peg legs and get ready for war! Wait…. It’s not war, it’s a Primecast!

In our sixth episode, Matt Wilson joins Emanuel Class to talk about the future of WARMACHINE and the recent MKIV announcement. From there, we dive into discussion with Jason Soles and Erik Reiersen to explore the MKIV concepts in greater depth. Next, we get to discuss the models, production, and more with Charles Foster III. And in the end, we hang out with WARMACHINE playtesters Dan Yount and Marc-Andre Leblanc for some of that feel-good “shop talk” as we discuss playing the Orgoth Sea Raiders and Cygnar Storm Legion releases. Grab your popcorn and get cozy. It’s time to talk about the new edition of WARMACHINE!

40K Radio Episode 86: The Return of Chaos

In this episode we take a look at the recently released Chaos Codex, share our love for the Cthonian Beserks, and talk about Aeronautica in the Age of Darkness.

Anonymous Tabletop Episode 52: Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 52.

In this much delayed episode we finally get the gang back together, well sorta, Katie brings us back in with her best NPR voice, and Dave discusses the thought experiment of Schrodinger’s beer.

Then, we catch up on Lathan’s hobby updates, that runs so long we need an intermission break, and then he makes up for it when he offers up a brand new game in an impromptu giveaway.

And finally, Lathan breaks out his best sales pitch for One Page Rules, Jean proves that we actually do fact check once in a while, and Dave goes off on a spoiler-filled Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness rant.

Oh, and then we play the party game Herd Mentality. Sort of forgot about that. Yep, it’s a gameshow!

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 263: Caesar! – Seize Rome in 20 Minutes!, Kites, Pirates, Taste Buds, and Ignacy’s Visit

Two games that are quick to play. One where two people get to sit there and strategize, have a little AP, and hope they are going to outwit their opponent on the very next play. That is what Caesar! gives the player, that feeling of outsmarting your opponent with that amazing play at just the right time. Kites is just frantic fun with cards and hourglasses flying about. This will get the game night going or a way to end it. Light, frantic and fun is what Kites will bring to the table.

Ignacy spent the weekend in our fair city and played games, tasted strange foods, and experienced the challenge of hitting a golf ball.

The Secret Cabal Episode 254: Final Girl and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Playing on a famous horror movie trope, Final Girl is a solitaire-only game that puts the player in the shoes of a female protagonist who must kill the slasher if she wants to survive. The Core Box, when combined with one of our Feature Film Boxes, has everything you need to play the game. Each Feature Film Box features a unique Killer and and iconic Location, and the more Feature Films you have, the more killer/location combinations you can experience! In game terms, Final Girl shares similarities with Hostage Negotiator, but with some key differences that change it up, including a game board to track locations and character movement. You can choose from multiple characters when picking someone to play and multiple killers when picking someone to play against. Killers and locations each have their own specific terror cards that will be shuffled together to create a unique experience with various combinations of scenarios for you to play!

D6 Generation Pip Epipsode 130: D&D Live Session 55: Two in Easthaven

In which we learn you can learn a lot from a séance