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I mentioned that last week felt like it went by fast. This week... Well, let's just say that earlier today, I was like, "do we have our Wednesday meeting this week or is it next week?" When I went to look, I was shocked to see that today was, in fact, Tuesday. I'm guessing part of that is just because I was so busy yesterday. Lots stuff to do including making my own citrus soda. But, seeing as it is Tuesday, that means some podcasts for you. This week on the dial we have:

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 256: Crescent Moon, Batman – Everybody Lies, Resist, Galaxy Trucker, Arnak Expedition Leaders, Ultra Pro

Ultra Pro is in the house!!! That is right, we are lucky enough to be partnering with Ultra Pro to bring to your attention some of their items that you might have missed. Marty and I have used Ultra Pro products for a long time because of your baseball card collecting so we are pretty confident when we talk about the quality of the products. Some of my sleeves are as old as my daughter. Then, personally, I only used Ultra Pro sleeves for my LOTR TCG cards because of their colors. Those were the ones that stood out to me. Anyway, be sure to head over to their website to check out their stuff.

Crescent Moon is one of those games where it can be intimidating at first. Be like, not going to understand this, not understanding the factions, not sure how to wind and so on. But once you start playing, it will just wash over you like a gentle wave. If you are like me, it will have repeated “Oh, that is how that works” moments and be good to go. One thing we didn’t mention in the review that I think is important is that I believe it will be one of those games that I can quickly pick up and remember when it hits the table again.

For Lost Ruins of Arnak, I was not as in love with it as Marty, but had you put the Leaders with it from the start, then yeah, I would have been all over it. If you haven’t gotten the expansion yet, you need to because individual powers make the game. Galaxy Trucker is just fun, still makes me smile and while I play it on the iPad, I like it more in person.

Everybody Lies is the Detective game that I have been looking for. I don’t need the complication of moving around and timing, keep it simple and let me concentrate on the story. Also, make it so I care about the story by engaging the listeners as you play. Some are not going to enjoy some of the elements being removed from the original Detective, but for me, it works well.

See everyone in two weeks and thanks for listening.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 118: D&D Live Session 50: There's Someone at the Door

In which we learn why a steed makes a terrible watchdog.

Masters of the Forge: Altar of War Episode 25: Break the Stalemate

Adam’s horde Orks and Kendrick’s mixed Tyranids fight a battle of attrition ultimate supremacy in the Warzone Octarius narrative mission “Break the Stalemate”.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 257: The Original At The Table with Burky – The Cost of Doing Business

The ORIGINAL At The Table returns and we are lucky to have with us Kevin Burkhardsmeier from Game Toppers. We have all had some interesting times over the past two years but try and deal with a Kickstarter on top of it. That is what Kevin has been challenged with. He explains the rollercoaster he has been on and continues to ride.

We then talk about his continued insanity with Game Toppers 3.5. That is right,he is at it again so now is the time if you have been considering getting a topper of your own.

Thanks for listening to the Original At The Table.