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Tuesday already? I guess that'll happen when, after clocking out from work, you go instantly to bed. I don't know what it was yesterday. I think it was the weather that moved through, but I got knocked back on my ass and was just out cold. So, yeah, "Tuesday already?" Ah well. That means Podcast Radio time. Let's see what's on the dial this week.

40K Radio Episode 49: The Adeptisode

In this episode we talk about Adepticon 2022. We discuss what the coolest part of the GW preview was, sleepy Wade, and Kill Team Live. Just how big of a piece of resin did JF get at Forgeworld? Listen to find out!

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 114: D&D Live Session 48: Level Up & Forge Hunt!

The party level’s up to 5! Also, we learn what makes up a forge and how to negotiate with a spectator.