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Tuesday. We're really into the meat of the work week. And, assuming you're not out in your spangly g-string at a Carnival or Mardi Gras party, then you're probably at work and you want time to go by faster. So, let me help with some gaming podcasts. This week on the dial we have:

Game Classy Podcast Episode 252: Part 2

Mega Cast Part 2!

D6 Generation Pip Episode 107: Raef on WoW

Raef, Hollywood, Granger shares his current thoughts on World of Warcraft as it stands in 2022. What still draws him in and why does he still make time for the game?

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 251: Cuba Libre, Unforgiven, Free Radicals

Would you sit there that long? Could you hold your attention while you learn a new game? What is your time limit before you begin to zone out? Well, for Cuba Libre and the desire to learn how to play, I surprised myself. There was some angst going in, would it hard to learn or would it be a disappointment? You will have to listen and find out the results from finally getting to play Cuba Libre.

Free Radicals is one of these games where everyone has a different faction and all the factions play different. Therefore, it is not a difficult teach, but players will need to commit to the faction they are playing to learn on their own. If you are looking for a game that gives various challenges and ways to play, give Free Radicals.

40K Radio Episode 76: Tau and the Las Vegas Open

In this episode we take a look at the preview from the Las Vegas Open as well as the new Tau Codex. We also discuss the previews we’ve seen for the Aledari codex and what we hope to see in the upcoming codex.