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And we're into the real meat of the week with Tuesday being upon us. Did Monday go by quickly for anyone else? It sure did for me, it seemed. As always, that's never a complaint. Not too many people going to say, "I wish Monday took longer" unless you're on vacation. Anyway, let's keep the week going by with some podcasts for your listening pleasure. This week on the dial we have:

An Important Message from The Secret Cabal

Many of you may already know this from reading the posts on our forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but for those of you who do not frequent our social media the Secret Cabal is taking a bit of a hiatus due to some rough times that hit our lead host and producer, Jamie.

Back in September of 2021 and throughout the fall Jamie talked on the podcast about some health issues he was experiencing and that he was working with doctors to get those issues cleared up. There were some ups and down with different treatments but nothing ultimately solved the problems. On Wednesday, December 28th Jamie was taken to the hospital and admitted due to serious respiratory distress where after a number of test, scans and procedures the doctors finally had a diagnosis - esophageal cancer.

Since the diagnosis Jamie has been undergoing a rigorous treatment schedule including daily radiation chemotherapy weekly. He has been in and out of the hospital and had a number of medical procedures. The past month has been extremely challenging and an incredible struggle for him and due to this, it has halted his ability to continue working on the podcasts for the time being and forced The Secret Cabal on a hiatus while he undergoes this treatment.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 102: D&D Live Session 43: Zombie Wall

In which we learn how to break through a wall of zombies.