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Onward to Tuesday. I hope your work week is treating you well to begin with. I seemed to have a hell of a time getting going yesterday. I eventually made it, but it wasn't easy. Today's been going much better, but I'd still like to get to the weekend a bit quicker. A gaming podcast will help. Quick one for you today, but on the dial we have:

D6 Generation Pip Episode 103: Maelstrom's Edge v2 Interview

Jon "Yakface"Regul of returns to the show to share some updates on the miniature game Maelstrom's Edge.

Learn about upcoming changes to the sci-fi miniature skirmish game that make fire suppression key and luck mitigation a strong option in your bag of tricks. 

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 249: Corrosion, Mini Rogue, SNK vs Capcom, Astro Knights

About broke the table with Corrosion. This game was a heavy one for us not based on difficulty in playing or understanding the rules, but seeing how the mechanics of the game work, that took time. And we are not done yet. Mention this often, but here is a game that when you are done, you think back and ask how you could have done better. Where was that moment that if you had decided to build this machine, you would have really scored some points? The game did stay out a bit long for us, but that could be due to us just not knowing how to maximize the point scoring yet. Interest concept of machines breaking and being used up, so you will need to ask yourself if you are okay on working hard to get something only to it disappear later.Marty does a solo review on Mini Rogue and this is one I haven’t had a chance to play yet. But he sales it well and has my interest in it where I need to borrow it from him and check it out.

Thank to everyone who participated in the RDTN Virtual Con. Maybe we can figure out a real con some year