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Before I get into making this week go by quicker (though, considering I start vacation this week, it's already a pretty short one for me), I wanted to say that today is my 10th anniversary on TGN. My first post was announcing the plastic Warpwolf kit from Privateer Press and it was made December 12th, 2011. My, how things have changed since then. The whole crowdfunding revolution. So many game companies have come and gone. Geek culture was already gaining a lot of ground, but it was just a toe-hold compared to where we're at now. So, I just wanted to thank you for staying with me all this time. And here's to another 10 years.

Now, sentimental stuff aside, let's get to the podcasts. This week on the dial we have:

The Secret Cabal Episode 244: It's a Wonderful World and Designer Bodies of Work

Today the Founders talk about a bunch of games they've been playing, Don and Jamie jump into a feature review of It's a Wonderful World from designer Frédéric Guérard, Tony T wows the crowd with the greatest tabletop gaming news segment in the known universe and finally, the gang takes a look at 5 game designers including Ryan Laukat, Uwe Rosenberg, Corey Konieczka, Martin Wallace and Stefan Feld and discusses their body of work.

The D6 Generaion Pip Episode 97: 2021 Prediction Results

It's time, as we like to do every year, to look back at the predictions we made in December of 2020 and see how accurate we were. Who was right? Who was wrong? And most importantly, who scored the most points?

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 246: 9th Anniversary, LOTR TCG, Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniforms, Lanzerath Ridge, Cape May

Nine years ago and this podcast was created. Nine years ago, we had some vacation to kill and it seemed like a good idea. Nine years ago, we have been creating some the best background noise in the business. But in all seriousness, thank you for the support for those years. Thank you for commenting, interacting, saying Hey, and just sending in the kind emails. We really do appreciate it.

Twenty years ago, we played our first trading card game or collectible card game. It had us at the smell when we opened those packs. Marty said best when he stated this is what a rainbow would smell like if they could smell. Lord of the Ring: TCG had us all in until it got to be too much. Well, we opened up our first starter decks in over 18 years and played. Now you get to hear all about it.

David Thompson is one our favorite designers. We enjoy the ease of his games, but the depth of the strategy behind them. If you haven’t experience one of his designs published by DVG, consider giving them a shot or at least download the app. He has a new one going to Kickstarter in the coming months and Marty will talk about and might peak your interest.