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Tuesday! But it's a really short week (at least for us here in the US). So... hooray! But, man, I have a toooon to do before Thursday and Friday. So, while I don't really want the week to go by too fast, getting through some things quick might be good. So, let's get some gaming podcasts on to listen to while we work. This week on the dial we have:

Game Classy Episode 246: Clean up the tournaments

Kick all their Nazi asses out of there

Secret Cabal Episode 243: Anno 1800 and Second Chance Board Games

Hey Now! It's time for some irreverent Cabal shenanigans! Today the gang chats about some games and hobby junk we've been getting into including Imperial Steam, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber, Dinosaur World, Furnace, and Elfenland. Then Jamie and Don get into an overview and review of Anno 1800 from Kosmos and designed by Martin Wallace. After Tony T goes through all the most important news items in the entire world, the Founders get into a discussion about giving potentially great board games a second chance.