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Tuesday. We're into the work week properly now. I hope your Monday went well and your Tuesday has been treating you alright. But even as I hope the work week's nice to you, I also hope it's fast. I've got D&D upcoming this weekend and can't wait to get there. To help, here's a couple gaming podcasts to pass the time. This week on the dial we have:

40K Radio Episode 70: You Don’t Choose The Ork Life

In this episode we take a look at the new 40K Orks. Found out what sort of conversions we are thinking about and just why we love Orks!

Lords of the Dungeon Episode 55: GM Prep, Spooky Adventures and Roleplaying Fear

In episode 55, The gang starts out by having Aaron reveal his purchases at Origins Game Fair 2021 and then jump into a listener submitted question about how the Lords prepare for campaigns as Game Masters. And finally, the Lords discuss roleplaying fear, game mechanisms that promote fear in players and running spooky adventures for the Halloween season.