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Tuesday. The work week is well underway. Let's hope it goes by quick and we can get back to the weekend ASAP. To help along with that, as usual, we've got some gaming podcasts to help fill up the time. This week on the dial we have:

The Secret Cabal Episode 239: Through the Ages and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Awww yeah, the gang is back in action for another bananas episode of The Secret Cabal! Don and Jamie dive into a feature review of the classic Vlaada Chvátil game, Through The Ages: A New Story of Civilization and the gang hosts another Short Topic Extravaganza with topics including is it okay to turn down designers when they ask you to playtest? Do you like long turns with few rounds or fast turns with tons of rounds? And do we believe in bigfoot and UFOs?

Game Classy Podcast Episode 242: Big City Paladin

Joe has a new character and some Underworlds stuff

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 239: WoW-Wrath of the Lich King, Origins-First Builders, Luna Capital, Paint the Roses, Lost Cities R&W

Sometimes you get to experience one of your favorite video games in a Board Game. We got that with Starcraft awhile ago. Well, we got to experience that euphoria again with World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Unfortunately, we lost control of the discussion and it went a little long.

But sometimes we have a little disagreement and you get to listen to us squawk like hens over a game. Not going to tell you which one, this way you can be surprised.

Thanks for listening to the show and appreciate all the support

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 86: D&D Live Session 34: An Awkward Dinner

In which the party is seated at a table for 8 near the water.