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It is Tuesday, isn't it? I don't know why that concept is sticking in my brain like it is. Maybe the caffeine from the Flamin' Hot Dew I had this morning is wearing off. Whatever it might be, it's time to get some gaming podcasts in your ears so we can make it quickly through this week. Today on the dial we have:

Game Classy Episode 241: Are we on the Red List?

The boys discover the RPG Red List

Lords of the Dungeon Episode 54: Creating and Running Villains and Gaming Group Styles

In episode 54, The gang starts out by talking about their recent roleplaying game battery recharging hiatus and their meeting to discuss what we're going to play next included - Fallout, Shadowrun, Pulp Cthulhu and Star Wars. Then the Lords take a question from Cabalist Brett regarding creating and running dastardly villains and how to do it without feeling like a dirtbag. Then finally the group talks about all kinds of gaming group styles, look at their own gaming style and discuss the impact style has on enjoyment.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 84: D&D Live Session 33: The Value of Reset

In which we learn the value of rest, the difficulty of where to go next, and if you are going to get critical hit twice, be sure it’s by a goblin