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Tuesday. We're getting into the real thick of the work week. I'm going to be extremely busy, as a bunch of projects that I've been waiting on have apparently all become ready at the same time. So, that's fun. Means I need to focus. And, for me, some gaming podcasts can help with that. So, let's get into it. This week on the dial we have:

Game Classy Episode 240: The Auction’s Back Baby!

The boys go to the gaming auction.

40K Radio Episode 69: Kill Team

We are joined by the man behind Geek Nation Tours and the Freebooters Network Teras Cassidy. We talk about everything happening at GNT and then dive into Kill Team. Which factions will the hosts be creating Kill Teams for? Tune in to find out!

Anonymous Tabletop Episode 47: It’s About Damn Time!

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 47.

In this time twisted episode, we invite some variants to sit in for some of our missing crew, Mario returns and gets a whisky named after him, and Dev Skypes in only for us to find out exactly how he feels about using the Schwartz.

Then, a variant Geeky Jean goes back into the past and takes over a previous segment, we look to the future of a lot of upcoming MCU projects, and Future Dave shows up so much this episode that he risks being pruned by the TVA.

And finally, Shut Up and Take My Money gets tongue tied, Celebrity Deathmatch proves to be a somewhat Loki affair, and Tim’s Sack takes its sweet time with a lookback at some of our favorite movies.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 237: At The Table with Justin Jacobson and Scott Morris

Scoot Morris, Director of Business Development, Gaming of GTS Distribution and Justin Jacobson, Board Game Necromancer of Restoration Games join us at the table to discuss the state of Logistics in board gaming. If you have questions about what is going on in your favorite hobby when it comes to getting you the games you want, they provide some of the answers you might have been asking yourself and your gaming buddies. In all seriousness, Marty and I sit back and just take in the wealth of knowledge that they drop during this show. We discuss the way it was and how it is now. What are the costs that manufacturers are facing just not from shipping but also the impact in the entire stream of producing a game. We look at solutions and how to think outside of the gaming box as the hobby moves forward. This is educational, so please take some time and enjoy this episode

We promise to return to the foolishness in two weeks.

The Secret Cabal Express Episode 75: Challenges in Board Games

Hey Now Cabalists! In today's episode of The Secret Cabal Express, Don and Jamie start out by talking about the new Descent Legends of the Dark and transition into talking about the challenges that make up the board games we love and why those challenges enhance the enjoyment.

Polyhedron Collider Episode 102: Who Goes There? Dune Imperium, Against the Darkmaster

Getting distracted with episode 100 and the UK Games Expo means we have a tardy, but bumper episode for you. After consuming our own bodyweight in patisseries, we take an in depth looks at Who Goes There, Dune Imperium, and Against the Darkmaster, before delving into the mailbag and answering important questions on wedding attire and our favourite RPG modules..

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 82: D&D Live Session 32: Traps, Exhaustion, & Angry Gods

In which we learn how to spring a trap, how to anger a god, & how exhaustion works in 5e.