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A busy Monday made for a quick day. As I was getting this post started, I was like, "Oh... right, it is Tuesday." So, that's nice. It's also coming up to a 3-day weekend for me because we get the 5th off. So, that's nice. Always good when the week leading up to a weekend goes by quickly. Let's hope the trend continues. To help, let's get some gaming podcasts onto my speakers. This week on the dial we have:

The D6 Generation Pip episode 73: D&D Live Session 26, How not to make a cyclops hot

In which Karluk makes a cyclops really hot, Pyrric slips Euphemia the tongue, & Thraal's rocks explode.

(All of that happened, and all of it is rated G)

Polyhedron Collider Episode 99 - Vaesen, Tales from the Loop, and Forbidden Lands

It is an accidental Free League tabletop RPG review special, as we discuss Vaesen, Tales from the Loop, and Forbidden Lands. We also discuss a leap from TTRPG to silver screen, as we discuss the leaked photos from the filming of the Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 231: Mandala Stones, Imperium, Mazescape, Unfathomable, Flesh & Blood

Lots of game talk believe it or not. Imperium is a classic style of deck building with a strong engine building mechanic. In the games played, there was strong interaction and then there was solitary play. It all depends on the factions that are on the table. Mandala Stones is going to be a favorite light game for the table. However, there are some strategic moments in the game that you will need to consider to come out on top. Mazescape is a simple game that will be a hit or miss if you like the solo style games. At first, you might dismiss it, but if you like clever puzzle games, then it might be one to try. If you like games where you have to write on a pad of paper, definitely check out Doodle Dungeon. Lots of interaction and just a simple pleasure to get on the table.

Thanks for listening and all the Dad Jokes that were submitted. See you in two weeks.

The Secret Cabal Express Episode 74: The Psychology of a Gaming Junkie

In episode 74 Tony, Don and Jamie pull out our armchair psychologist cards and talk about the psychology of a gaming junkie and what tricks and tactics marketers use to suck us in and part with our money.