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We've made it to Tuesday. Well, at least I hope you made it to Tuesday. Not sure how you're reading this, otherwise. If there is an afterlife and you're reading TGN, hello! Please give us a sign! Speak to us through something and let us know what it's like over there! Ok, this got weird quickly. How about we calm things down as we listen to some gaming podcasts... from beyond!... Beyond this website, anyway...

The Secret Cabal Episode 233: Titans and Is Kickstarter Killing Board Game Expansions Reaction

TITANS is a territory control miniatures game for 1-4 players (up to 5 with an expansion). The game is set in a historical fantasy setting of 17th century Europe. Endless wars are taking their toll as the people fall into despair. There is no hope for an end, no prospects for a peaceful order. The faith of the people slowly burns out. Dorment Spirits of the Nations wake up from centuries-long rest, rekindling the hearts of the people and raising ancient warriors called the Titans. People, filled with extraordinary powers, standing hand-by-hand with mighty Titans, fight to reclaim Europe. That war will end it all, and a King of Kings will be chosen. In Titans players take roles of a king that leads an Army with a mythical Titan into Battle. There are 4 Nations to choose from, one of the European empires of that time - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russia, Sweden, and the Ottoman Empire.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 72: DM Academy 3 - Controlling the rest

Raef has still more questions for Russ on approaches to DMing. This time around we tackle pacing the 'rest'. How do you keep your players from just continually resting to recharge their abilities?

Game Classy Episode 236: Price of Entry

The boys talk about Dominion pre-order safeguards, and rank specialist games by how much they cost