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Podcast Radio

And we've made our way to Tuesday. The work week is fully underway and we're into that middle section that can sometimes feel like it's taking forever to go by. Well, hopefully, a couple gaming podcasts will help. This week on the dial we have:

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 71: D&D Live Session 25, How not to approach a pair of snacking cyclops

In which we learn how not to approach a pair of snacking cyclops. 

 [We assume the plural of cyclops follows the deer/sheep rule] 

Lords of the Dungeon Episode 51: Three Pillars of a Strong Party

In episode 51, the Lords start out with Bender raving about his Star Trek Adventures campaign and then the gang discusses three pillars of building a strong role-playing adventuring party - building strong relationships, discussing player character ideals and developing shared long and short term goals.