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Welcome to Tuesday, everyone. I hope your week is going better than mine. Yesterday, while washing dishes, I cut my right thumb fairly badly. With the options of a couple stitches or medical superglue, being a gamer, I went for the superglue. Unfortunately, it means I'm typing all this now without the use of my right thumb. It's... not fun. But the news must go on! And at the moment, that means getting you some podcasts to listen to. This week on the dial we have:

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 230: EOTN – Egyptian Kings, 300 Earth & Water, Board Game News

Love getting the Empires of the North to the table and when a new expansion comes out, get very excited. Egyptians is the newest expansion and it feels different from all the rest. I also enjoy it when an expansion just flows and both these factions seemed to be easy to play to us. The engine you needed to build was right there and easy to grasp. If you enjoy Empires of the North, then this might be a must add

Two players games that involve strategic war battles are always something I enjoy, but the time to set up and play is sometimes a roadblock to getting a game to the table. But 300: Earth & Water is small footprint game that is fast to play and easy to understand. Based on the battle that most of us know from the movie 300, this game is around can the Greeks hold off the advance of the Persians over five rounds. If they do, they win. If the Persians can beat down the defenses, then they win.

Thanks for listening we do appreciate it

Game Classy Episode 235: Dominion Breakdown

Age of Sigmar Dominion unpacking and 3d printing

The Secret Cabal Episode 232: Monumental and Analysis Paralysis and Downtime

In today's episode the Founders jump into talking about a bunch of great games they’ve been playing and dive into a feature review of Monumental designed by Matthew Dunstan and published by Funforge. Tony T, as always, rounded up a list of the most important tabletop gaming news stories you'll find while the rest of the guys chatter away with their thoughts. Then finally the boys discuss Analysis Paralysis and Downtime and how it affects gameplay.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 70: Organizing Your Geekary

Russ shares what furniture & techniques he & his oldest daughter chose to use to display his geekery.