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Though it's the first day of the work week for me, it is still Tuesday. I hope you had a good day off yesterday (those that had it, anyway). Seeing as it's Tuesday already, that means we're that much closer to the weekend once more (that's why I like Mondays off more than Fridays). It also means we have some podcasts for you to listen to while you work. Today on the dial we have:

D6 Generation Pip Episode 69: D&D Live Session 24, Lost memories, lost horses, lost consciousness

A minotaur loses consciousness.

A dwarf loses his memory.

And the party loses their horses. (Again)

The Secret Cabal Express Episode 73: Tabletop Trends and Gaming Guts

In episode 73 Tony, Don and Jamie jump into a discussion about the Pokemon and Trading Card frenzy going on at Wal-Mart. They discuss a video featuring a swarm of savages descending upon the trading card section and causing a scene. Then the gang discusses Tabletop Trends and Gaming Guts - when a good thing because a fad in the gaming community and when that fad turns into an all-out gut.