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Already Tuesday? Geeze. I have to say, yesterday basically felt like it evaporated out from underneath me. I remember looking at the clock and going, "Damn! It's already 4:30! What happened to today?" Ah well, considering we're making our way to a 3-day weekend here in the US, "burning as fast as we can through the week" isn't a bad thing. To continue to help it along, let's listen to some gaming podcasts while we work. This week on the dial we have:

Game Classy Episode 234: The part where we talk about Age of 3rd Ed is at the end.

Cursed City, Cartoons, Age of Sigmar 3rd

40K Radio Episode 65: Warhammer-Fest!

In this episode we talk about all the awesome reveals from Warhammer-Fest! Find out which reveals were out favorite and just how many people JF is willing to fight for a Beast Snagga box set!

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 229: Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals and Vendetta, Mosaic

We are back into a card game with Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals. Save us now. So much to explore and the joy of deck building is just beginning. There will be more to come in the coming episodes.

If you need a fast area control game around a vampire theme, then Vendetta is worth playing. There was tension and moments of “you got to be kidding me”. Very nice game to end the evening on.

Mosaic is funded and even though we got the preview copy, we enjoyed seeing how this Glenn Drover game would work. It has simple mechanics at its core with fast action playing. It isn’t going to be one of the Civ games that last for hours. If you like Raccoon Tycoon, then go check on the Kickstarter.

The Secret Cabal Episode 231: Nidavellir, Chimera Station and a Short Topic Extravaganza

The Gang is back again for another dose of meshugenah nonsense and gaming chatter. Then Don, Chris and Jamie jump into a full review of Nidavellir designed by Serge Laget and look back at both Chimera Station and Star Trek Ascendency one year later. Tony T is all fired up to give you the most important net stories from round the gaming verse. The Founders round out the episode with a Short Topic Extravaganza.

The D6 Generation Pip 68: DM Academy 2 - What to keep behind the curtain

Raef interviews Russ on more Dungeon Master tips and tricks. We cover a variety of topics from how to keep from waisting prep work to what to keep behind the curtain.