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Tuesday. The work week is fully underway. As always, I'm looking forward to the weekend. To help speed things along, I've got some gaming podcasts for you. That should do the trick, as should some new Mountain Dew flavors for me to try out. So, as I sip on that, I've got some gaming stuff going on as well. Today on the dial we have:

The D6 Generation Pip Epsidoe 63: DnD Live Session 21, Dwarven Reverse Psychology

Session 21 of our D&D live campaign in which the dwarves discover reverse psychology.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 227: After The Empire, Spartacus, Summoner Wars, Ashes Reborn, Warhammer Cursed City, Monster Hunter Rise

After the Empire took us by storm in in recent plays. I was very skeptical of what they were going to try and accomplish with this tower defense type game with worker placement. But it came through for me and did a wonderful job with the theme. Love when a game keeps the theme going through the turns, regardless of the actions you are taking.

Spartacus is a classic game that was never high on my list to play because of the Intrigue section. I had heard about how it was around negotiating with people, then maybe doing some backstabbing, so never really seemed like my type of game. However, glad I sat down with the new release and played it. I will say, how the intrigue plays out is definitely dependent on who is at the table. Our group isn’t strong players when it comes to that social mechanic, so the game took a bit to get up to speed, but we did get into it as the game went on. Glad I finally got it to the table.

Then there comes the rebirth of two card games that we had played in the past from Plaid Hat. It was good to see the changes Plaid Hat made and hope these games are successful for them.

Lords of the Dungeon Episode 49: Making Skills More Exciting and Our Favorite RPG Moments

In episode 49, Bender talks about his new Star Trek Adventures Campaign and Jamie and the gang discuss Cyberpunk Red. Then the Lords take a question from a listener regarding making game systems and skills more exciting. Then finally the group tells their favorite gaming stories and discuss why they were fun moments.

40K Radio Episode 63: Ork-Riding Squigs

In this episode we get to hear about Amy and JF’s Adepticon Painting challenge. We then lose Amy in the warp and take a look at the latest GW preview and find out just how many Squigs Riding Orks JF needs.