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And we're back to Tuesday. The middle section of the work week is here. I hope your Monday went well and your week's rolling along nicely. To help keep things make their way towards the weekend, we've got our regular couple podcasts to share. Note: if you have a favorite podcast you'd like added to the weekly Radio listings, be sure to drop us a line either in a comment or at But anyway, this week on the dial we have:

Game Classy Episode 230: A Day Late

Joe has new tech and there are Vampires

The Secret Cabal Express Episode 71: The Cost and Value of Board Games

In episode 71 Tony, Jamie and Don discuss the components, gameplay, designer credit, publisher and many other factors that contribute to the cost of and perceived value of board games.

The Secret Cabal Episode 227: Hallertau, Clinic and The Founders Play Insider

The Hallertau in Bavaria, Germany is the largest continuous hop-producing region in the world. It prides itself upon being the first in Middle Europe to cultivate hops. This game is set around 1850, when the Hallertau became what it is today. As chief of a small Bavarian village in the Hallertau, your objective is to increase its wealth and prestige in the eyes of the world. To achieve this, you will need to supply the local crafts folk with goods from agriculture and sheep breeding.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 225: 6th Annual Squirrelly Awards

It’s our 6th Annual Squirrelly Awards! We pick some of our favorite games from 2020 to present the coveted (haha) Squirrelly Award. Our friends from everywhere are coming in to help out. We are challenged this year with all the safety protocols that we must follow, but it will not keep us from having fun and recognizing some incredible games.

Thanks for listening