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Podcast Radio

My Monday went by quick and it didn't really feel like a Monday. So, it was kind of strange to be like, "oh, it's Tuesday. Time to make a Podcast Radio post." But Tuesday it is. So, let's make the week go by even faster with some gaming podcasts to listen to while we work.

Game Classy Episode 228: I Tap Marneeoos Coolguy

and 3d printing kickstarters

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 223: Carpe Diem, Royal Visit, Cloudage, Sagani, Block and Key

The wives come back and bail us out once again. Vanessa discusses her thoughts on the re-release of the game Royal Visit. Donna shares her opinion on the tile laying game Sagani.

We also talk about the game Carpe Diem which is in its third release. Sometimes you just need a game that is simple to play and it’s easy to get to the table. Not saying that the game isn’t strategic or thought provoking it’s just nice to keep things simple on gameplay.

Marty also convinces me that I need spent more money over at Kickstarter by talking about Block and Key. While I am not much on spatial relations, this does sound like a very enjoyable and strategic game. Unfortunately I missed out on the play of Cloudage but Marty definitely shares his thoughts and how that game went.

Thanks for listening and see you in a couple of weeks.

The Secret Cabal Express Episode 70: Mystery Board Games with Dan King the Game Boy Geek

In episode 70 Jamie and Steve welcome Honorary Founder Dan King the Game Boy Geek to talk about Dan's currently running Kickstarter Campaign, his causal game recommendations for Jamie's family, Jamie's top three Dan King recommendations and Mystery Board Games.