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Tuesday already? Seems like the week is going by quick. At least, these first days are. That's fine with me. Get me back to the weekend ASAP. Some gaming podcasts will help those hours go on by. This week on the dial, we have:

Game Classy Episode 227: Total Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer is better than Dawn o' War

Polyhedron Collider Episode 95: Architects of the West Kingdom and Forbidden Lands

Normality is resumed (well apart from the ability to meet up and play games in person) as we return to our regular show format. Andy decides to update us all on his mattress purchasing while we mull over the tabletop gaming news from the last few weeks. We then go a bit more in depth to look at Architects of the West Kingdom and the Forbidden Lands RPG..

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 222: Meeple Land, Umbra Via, Fleet: The Dice Game, Flying Squirrels

The wives joined the show to help us review games. Sometime getting together is difficult, so we are glad that are good sports and help out when they can. What is interesting is that both games were tile laying games. We didn’t even plan that and it just happened. We discussed the new roll and write from Pinchback and Riddle and excited to see how it compares to Fleet: The Dice Game.

We also did a Flying Squirrels segment because we had some news and just didn’t want to go on and on about it. So, keep us to two minutes, that is a good way to eliminate the rambling.

The Offline Gamer Episode 61: Questing for Zines

Our first 'proper' episode of 2021, and we take a look at Kickstarter #ZineQuest. There's also our usual start of year shenanigans, but without our annual Kickstarter awards due to the fact that we've not played most of what we've received!

Lords of the Dungeon Episode 47: Problems All Tabletop Role Playing Gamers Experience

In episode 47, Bender starts out by talking about his Muppets in space Star Wars campaign and has chosen to switch gaming systems to Star Wars Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight Games. Then the Lords take a series of questions form listeners describing problems situations that many role playing groups experience and how they've dealt with them in the past.

The D6 Generation Pip 59: Megasode DnD Live (s17-s18) & Desperados 3

In this DnD megasode we learn that halflings have backbone and Ullrick reads from the book of grudges. Among other things.

Also, Russ shares his thoughts on the video game Desperaos 3 during the interlude.