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Back to putting this actually on Tuesday again, since there's not the back-log of holiday posts to make. We'll get this year underway correctly here eventually. Anyway, let's continue this week along as we should. And, of course, let's get back to the weekend ASAP. Some gaming podcasts should help. On the dial this week, we have:

Nerdherders Episode 41(131): Best of 2020

The past year was not a good one, but the boys try and find some silver linings by taking you through their top media and hobby highlights of 2020

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 57: Megasode DnD Live (s15-s16) & Forbidden Waters

It's another D6G Megasode! We've got two Dungeons and Dragons live play sessions, 15-16 in which the party finally makes it to Thundertree...and get's into some serious horseplay.

Between sessions, Russ shares his thoughts on the Forbidden Waters, one of the big 2020 releases from Plaid Hat games.

Forbidden Waters review starts at the 1 hr 31 min mark.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 219: Cubitos, Survey Results, Disney Color Brain, How to Learn a Game

We are back again for 2021. Some might have hopes that we would not return after the break. But nope, we decided we’d bring it on back and bring you more entertainment in 2021. We promise more of the same with discussions around board games, lawnmowers, and food. Just to get it started off right we’re going to talk about kitchen repair. That’s right, you thought we would have explored all the useless things we could but nope, we’re going to talk about how to repair a microwave and to fix the stove top.

Don’t worry, we also got some games on the table even though we didn’t really get a chance to get together and play. We review the results of our survey and hope that some of you were able to win some of our fabulous prizes provided by our sponsors and other publishers who contributed. Then we explore the question how is Rodney Smith ruining the gaming industry. That’s right, we think he is and he’s not the only culprit. There is plenty of blame to go around and we discuss how we share in this demise by being lazy.

Thanks for coming back in 2021 and get ready for another year of background noise from Rolling Dice and Taking Names.