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Podcast Radio

I know. I know. Podcast Radio is usually on Tuesdays. But I wanted to get through the bit of back-log of stories from over the holiday break. I've gotten most of them posted and have started working on the new stuff as companies wake back up from their New Years vacation. So, you get a Podcast Radio on a Wednesday. The week's already half over. Let's make it go by a little quicker by listening in on some gaming podcasts. This week on the dial we have:

Game Classy Episode 224: Slaaneshy

Slaanesh stuff is talked about

Polyhedron Collider Episode 93: The Best Games of 2020

Aliens, bins on fire and memory foam arse prints! It can only be the Polyhedron Collider best game of 2020 podcast! We look back at the last 12 months and pick our favourite games we've played this year as well as some other dubious awards and of course our game of the year.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 56: 2020 Predictions Episode

Craig, Russ, & Raef "Hollywood" Granger are back with another predictions episode.

We take a look at the predictions we made way back in December 2019 and see how many we got right.  

Then we look ahead to 2021, what will the future bring?

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 218: Gates of Mara, The King is Dead, Rococo Deluxe, Whistle Mountain, Anniversary Survey

It has been eight years since we started this podcast. Amazing, unreal, really, why are often words we hear when we mention this fact. No matter what the answer is, we are still around and hope to continue for a few more years. But with every anniversary show, we give you, the listener, the opportunity to wins some prizes. So be sure to listen on how you can be a winner. The sure way is to fill out the survey.

Once we get through all the anniversary talk, we have four games to talk about and what is wild is that two of them have area control. But the similarities between games continue. Two games are also remakes of the originals. Funny how that worked out.

Thank you again for taking time to listen to our podcast and hope you are safe and healthy as we go into 2021

The Offline Gamer Episode 59: Is 2020 Over Yet?

Back to normal this month, before our review of the year coming up in our next episode. What we've been playing is unsurprisingly a certain newly released PC game...

40K Radio Episode 60: Battle Forge Beta Banter

In this episode we take a look at the Decadence and Decay preview and speculate over what the Advent Rumor Engine is showing us. We then discuss our first impressions of the Battle Forge army list building tool in the 40K app.