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Tuesday. We're into the work-week proper. Things are continuing along, hopefully as they should for you. And hopefully not all that stressful. I've got Take Five playing, so that's nice and relaxing. But I'm about to swap over to some gaming podcasts, as I am wont to do on Tuesdays. What am I listening to? Glad you asked. This week, on the dial, we have:

The Secret Cabal Episode 218: Lost Ruins of Arnak, Everdell and A Short Topic Extravaganza

It's time for another wild and crazy episode of The Secret Cabal! And today the gang takes a look at a slew of games including Haunted Mansion Call of the Spirits, Barrage, Curious Cargo, Small World and Black Orchestra. Then Chris and Jamie feature review Lost City of Arnak from CGE and the whole gang looks back at Everdell from Starling Games one year later. Then after Tony T regales us with his informative news segment, the guys take questions from the listeners including our favorite game mechanisms, how to pick a game without wasting time and are app driven games good in the long term.

Game Classy Episode 220: Trump lost the popular vote twice

I missed the first 30 minutes due to being distracted by the President race being called. Sorry.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 53: DnD Live Session 11 many side quests did we just pick up? Our heroes are overwhelmed with requests from the local villagers now that they have proved their worth. They decide on a course of action and head out to Owl Well on route to Thundertree.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 213: Lost Ruins of Arnak, Tawantinsuyu,Tekhenu, Deep State, World of Tanks

Truly believe that the Lost Ruins of Arnak should be added to your shelves if you enjoy Clank. This game requires manipulating card combos that allow for you to gain resources that give the ability to generate end game victory points. You have to have a solid strategy as cards are revealed. You will need to make some hard decisions as you try and figure out what is the best payoff in the limited turns that you have in this game. Hope you get a chance to play this.

Tekhenu and Tawantinsuyu are games that will overwhelm at first and are not ones that after the first play you will feel like you played your best. These games are the ones that make you go back and wonder if you had just done this, would you have done better. If you enjoy games with dice that are meant to control decisions, then Tekhenu is something worth considering but be ready for a involved teach. Tawantinsuyu has a great player aid and while things are right before you, how it all comes together may take some time and multiple plays. Both games are a challenge and we have our favorite between the two, but that is just preference of the mechanics.