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Tuesday. Election Day here in the US. If you've not gone out and voted already in some way, shape, or form, make sure you go do so. Everyone's voice needs to be heard. And while you're standing in line, you can listen to some gaming podcasts so you don't have to listen to political ads. This week, on the dial, we have:

40k Radio Episode 58: Codexes and Crusades

In this episode we take a look at the first two ninth Edition Codexes, Space Marines and Necrons! We also review the first two 9th edition supplements, The Pariah Nexus Crusade Guide and the Tactical Deployment mission packet. How do the first 9th edition supplements stack up? Tune in to find out!

D6 Generation Pip Episode 51: DnD Live Session 9

It's mid-battle against the red brands. Can our heroes, along with their new dwarven friends, make it out of the hideout alive?

D6 Generation Pip Episode 52: DnD Live Session 10

The party has returned to Auntie's house, battered but victorious! As they lick their wounds and enjoy some peach crumble they level up!

In this special episode, we share how each payer chooses to level, show how the system handles leveling, and we learn that as you become famous, people want more of you.

The Secret Cabal Express 66: Horror Video Games with Matt Evans of Board Game Replay

In episode 66 The gang celebrates Halloween by talking with Matt Evans of Board Game Replay to talk about some of the video games they've all been playing - particularly horror themed games! All of these games are great options for your Halloween video game time!

Game Classy Episode 219: The giant costs the same as a small car

Behemat, Warcry, Darkest Dungeon, Direchasam