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I'm tired. Just all the tired. I need to be getting more sleep. But I also have a new roommate in the form of a cat and we're still trying to figure out each-other's schedules and such. I also have a ton of stuff to get done. So, to keep myself awake, I have some Mountain Dew and I also have some podcasts to listen to. Let's see what's on the dial for this week:

The Secret Cabal Episode 217: Paranormal Detectives, Abomination The Heir of Frankenstein and Nightmare Gaming Stories

Muwahahahaha! It's Halloween again and ghoulish Founders are back to give you a spooky episode filled with Halloweeny games for you to enjoy. Today we look at Horrified, Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake, Name 5, Dire Alliance, Dead Man’s Cabal and Armata Strigoi! Then Don and Jamie give a horrifying review of Paranormal Detectives from Lucky Duck Games and the gang looks back at Abomination The Heir of Frankenstein from Plaid Hat Games. Then after Tony T delivers the frightening news cast the ghoulies retell some nightmare gaming stories!

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 212: Guild Master, Raiders of Scythia, Seastead, AH – Under Dark Waves, My City, Overlight Puzzle

Every year we are given the opportunity to find a game that just floors us. Last year, we loved City of the Big Shoulders. This year, Guild Master has done the same thing, just taken our breath away. It is simple and elegant in how it plays. It provides tension and interaction without being complicated. And most importantly it has dice. We hope you get a chance to play it, we are looking forward to getting it back on the table.

Seastead is a two player game that isn’t one of those fast table fillers while waiting for a game to finish. It has meat to it and feels like a chess match at times. Here you have to be very strategic in how to claim victory points for the win because you can mess up and give the win to your opponent if not careful.

Raiders of Scythia is a reimplementation of Raiders of the North Sea and as you will hear, one that would we really enjoyed and prefer over the other. While it is a game that is plays very similar, the removal of certain elements really speed the game up and hone in on the important aspects that we enjoy.

And the wives have returned for game reviews and the Puzzle segment is back. Be sure and enter the contest to win the Renegade Puzzle Overlight. You can find the form here.