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And we're into Tuesday. I'm still adjusting to life with a cat. It's not bad. I've had pets before. Just learning the personality of Catcat as well as she's learning mine. Meanwhile, I'm still working on all the things. Lots of proofreading. Today some writing. And while I do it, I'll be listening to some gaming podcasts. So, let's see what's on the dial for this week.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 210: Honey Buzz, Cartographers Heroes, MTV Party Game, The Few & Cursed, Betrayal at House on the Hill

Two games took what we know about certain mechanics and expect from those mechanics and changed them up on us causing a pause for a moment. Honey Buzz took the standard worker placement/tile placement mechanics and meshed them together into a programming game that looking back, requires more planning than originally done. This game’s core idea of you get to do actions when you complete a honeycomb makes you have to really think ahead toward future moves. It is very deceptive in the play and easy to miss if not careful.

The second game, The Few & Cursed, changed up the deck building concepts for us. When you deck build, you look for getting cards that provide a synergy to your hand. The Few & Cursed doesn’t work that way due to the random draw that you get. You have to work on the synergy by acquiring cards at the store that build up your character and then play/store cards from your hand to help you in your quests. So, it isn’t the same as most deck builders where you just empty your hand, buy cards, discard and draw new ones. You have to put some strategy in how to play cards, how to move and get into position and then unless unholy damage on the Cursed. Once again, a different mindset was needed.

Thanks for listening and come back in a week where the Daviau’s come and join us At The Table or whatever we are going to call the new segment.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 211: At the Table with Lindsay and Rob Daviau

We are trying something new with this unexpected release. You would think after eight years, we would learn not to try new things, but sometimes something comes along that is to good not to try. We are going to try and bring our guests on as an independent release and not make them part of the normal show release schedule. This will help us with time management and also provide us not to feel rushed when we are having a great conversation.

We are also going to try and bring on people beyond designers and publishers. We are hoping to bring artists, writers, production people on to give you an inside look at what it takes to bring a game to your table.

We are very lucky to have Lindsay Daviau join us in this inaugural episode. Lindsay is a Graphic artist at Restoration Games and has an amazing background in the board gaming industry that I am bet you were not aware of. She makes the game flow and make sense. We also “let” Rob sit in and discuss Pandemic Legacy 0, so be sure and hang around for that.

Also interested in feedback and hope you enjoy our latest adventure.

The Offline Gamer Episode 57: Raise Your Game

It's been a while since we've done a regular episode, so this month we just have a catchup of what we've been playing since last time. Also, Matt is doing a board game Twitch stream at the end of October for the Raise Your Game event run by Dementia UK. For more information see

Lords of the Dungeon Episode 43: Jess’ Campaign, Warhammer FRP Training and Dealing with the Randomness

In episode 43, we start out talking to Jess about taking over their Dungeons and Dragons Ravenloft campaign and what a Cameltaur is. Then we discuss our first training session using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition game system. And finally, the gang discusses randomness in role playing games and how to handle it when bad luck gets out of hand.

Polyhedron Collider Episode 89: Escape the Dark Sector, Tekhenu and D&D Essentials Kit

Andy, Sid and Steve pour themselves a beer, dry off their socks and sit down for another 90 minutes of tabletop gaming chat.

We review 80s inspired adventure game Escape the Dark Sector, melt our tiny little minds with Tehkenu and go regale you with our spoiler free thoughts of the Dungeons and Dragons Essentials Kit and its Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure for D&D 5th edition.