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Happy Tuesday to you. Hopefully your Monday went better than mine did. Nothing tragic happened, it was just a nerve-wracking day. I'm hoping the rest of the week seriously chills out and we can just get through it. Some gaming podcasts will help. So, let's see what's on the dial this week.

40K Radio Episode 57: Codexes are Coming!

In this episode we talk about all the latest news in 40K since the Codex Show preview. We take a look at the exciting upcoming rules changes, new models, and speculate what the weapon changes might mean for other non-Imperial armies.

The Secret Cabal Express Episode 65: Reviewing Board Games featuring Rodney Smith of Watch It Played

In episode 65 Jamie and Don welcome Honorary Founder, Rodney Smith of Watch It Played, to discuss reviewing board games including the perceptions of viewers, the integrity of the reviewer, what makes good reviews and more.