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Tuesday. We've made it into the work week proper. Hopefully, your Monday wasn't overly-Monday-like. Mine was chill. Stuff to work on, but nothing crazy. Just busy enough to make the day go by, which is exactly how I like it. And while I've been continuing to enjoy my Type O Negative station on Pandora, it's time to get some gaming podcasts in your ears. Let's see what's on the dial this week.

Game Classy Episode 217: Toot Toot Heroquest!

boat games, Heroquest, Godtear, and 3d printing.

D6 Generation Pip Episode 50: DnD Live Session 8

Our DnD live session 8 finds our heroes working through the red brand hideout. Will they survive it or will it survive them?

Polyhedron Collider Episode 88: Tellstones, Star Scrappers Orbital, and Heart RPG

Join us in welcoming the newest member of the PHC family, Sid, as he joins us to discuss the new Heroquest, Canadian board game cafes and not being able to hold our alcohol anymore.

He then into some in depth chat about Tellstones, the latest game from Mechs vs Minions studio Riot games; Star Scrapper Orbital the upcoming Kickstarter from Hexy Studio; and Heart: The City Beneath, a crazy game about going deeper underground.

The Offline Gamer Podcast Episode 56: We're 5 Years Old!

Who'd have thought it, we've been doing this for five years! In this episode we look back over the past five years, as well as borrow a format from another podcast and discuss our top ten board games in our collection.

Lords of the Dungeon Episode 42: Star Trek Adventures Post Mortem and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Pre-Game

In episode 42, The Lords start out by discussing their Star Trek adventures 3 part campaign and decide whether they enjoyed the system or not and why, take a question from a listener regarding tracing their origins of when they got into roleplaying games and finish off by discussing their next campaign in the Old World using Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 209: Tammany Hall, EOTN-Barbarians, Warp’s Edge, Ohanami, Yukon Airways, Silver Dagger, Tellstones, Yukon Airways, Rise of Red Skull

We had a penalty on this episode, False start. So be sure to pay attention at the end if you can make it that long. According to Marty, there was a bunch of stuff going on about review of Tellstones and how some reviews are negative and some are positive and how people are saying that the negative reviews have integrity over the positive reviews. Whatever. It is a memory game and if you like those types of games, especially if they are quick and simple, then you might like this. If you are like me and short term memory is being challenged, then you might really need to consider this game. Weigh the good with the bad and see if it is worth your time. And both the wives enjoy this type of game.

Now Tammany Hall is an old game and one we never got to play until the re-release. Game with simple actions wrapped in warm, soft strategy, no wonder it is a favorite of so many. However, we didn’t experience the backstabbing because I believe the player count (3 people) kept that from happening. If you like the area control style games, you might want to give this a play but be warned, you will have to remember what the actions are so memory is involved

Empires of the North Barbarians was a good expansion to get on the table. Love the interaction that these clans provided to the game versus the head down do your own thing. Silver Dagger expansion gets back to the roots in Silver line and thankfully it does. We can see where bringing some of these cards over to the original set would create more mayhem than already exists with this memory game.