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Welcome to a new season, everyone. Yes, it's the equinox and that means it's now Autumn up here in the North and Spring down in the South. The year is 3/4 done. We just might make it after all. It's not been easy. But maybe some gaming podcasts will help the time go by faster. Let's see what we have on the dial this week.

40K Radio Episode 56

In this episode we discuss the news since 9th Edition has released and what we are looking forward to in 9th. We also take a look at some of the releases for Specialist Games and speculate on the future.

The Secret Cabal Episode 215: Undaunted Normandy and North Africa, Cthulhu A Deck Building Game and You Know What I Hate?

Hey Now Cabalists! Today the gang is back to talk about a ton of board gaming stuff including Crystal Palace, Mariposas, Dinogenics, Spicy, Smartphone, Inc and Among Us. Then we dive into a feature review of Undaunted Normandy and Undaunted North Africa from our good friend Dave Thompson and Trevor Benjamin published by Osprey Games and we look back at Cthulhu A Deck Building Game from Wyvern Gaming one year later. Then after Tony T hooks us up with a batch of awesome tabletop gaming news, the Founder jump into a discussion about the things that annoys us, our pet peeves and generally the things that we hate in tabletop gaming.

The D6 Generation Pip Episode 49: Firelock Games Interview

Craig & Russ are joined by Mike Tuñez of Firelock Games. Mike brings us up to speed on the status of Oak & Iron as well as the upcoming Blood & Plunder Kickstarter full of exciting plastics and two ships launching this October.