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Well, after a short week last week, we've got a regular-sized one this time around. I hope yours is starting off alright. I've got all sorts of shipments of hot sauce coming in and had a chance to try Voo-Dew 2020 the other day. So, that's fun. I'm hoping to get back to the weekend quickly, despite not having any games lined up. It'll be alright, though. But, in the meantime, let's get you some podcasts to listen to.

The Secret Cabal Express Episode 64: The Impact of Artwork, Graphic Design and Components on the Gaming Experience

In episode 64 Tony, Chris and Jamie discuss the impact that great artwork, stellar graphic design elements, components and the entire cohesive production of a tabletop game has on the experience of the players. We go into the emotions they trigger and the immersion generated.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 208: Nevada City, Yedo Deluxe, Crypt Hunters, Tournament at Avalon, Mercado de Lisboa, Meeple Towers

Another episode of games where we talk about the remake of some great ones and a couple of new ones. It seems that we were on Worker Placement kick. Yedo has been a favorite of mine, so was very happy to get this classic game to the table. The Deluxe version is amazing with the upgraded player boards, meeples, artwork and so forth. The revamp of 7 Wonders lives up to what was shared in the press release. It is easier to explain and help people understand the ability to build for free. 7 Wonders is still a favorite and appreciate the upgrade.

Trick taking games are what Marty and I started playing in college. So when a game with that mechanic hits the table, takes us back. When Marty put Tournament at Avalon on the table and said it is an anti-trick game, had my doubts. Luckily for him, it lived up to the excitement as he taught the rules. Not sure all the special powers, but that is just part of the game.

Nevada City is another worker placement with the theme of building a town in the Old West. The game is different enough that it should not be overlooked if you get a chance to play it. It was one of those games that when done, you ask yourself, how could I have done that different so that I could have had more points. Given the opportunity, I would put this back on the table because it is not a hard game to teach, got some timing tricks that might be hard for people to grasp, but still worth the effort to play.

Game Classy Episode 216: Return to the Old World

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