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Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 7: Captain Stroopwafel

In this episode, Niki, Bistro and VO Director Donald talk to voice actor Monica Rial, who voiced Captain Claudia Stroopwafel in our newest adventure game - Forgotten Waters. We chat about anime, what an actual stroopwafel is and a lot about, probably too much, the romantic television show Outlander.

Game Classy Episode 209: Hooray a 9th Edition

GenCon cancelled, Titanforge has a Kickstarter, and oh yeah a new edition of 40k.

40K Radio Episode 52: GW Previews Continue!

In this episode we take a look at more of GW’s online previews. From Giants to mysterious Sisters of Battle and their Harlequin companions, and more Space Marines we break them down and give you our thoughts!

The Secret Cabal Episode 207: Charterstone, Star Wars Outer Rim and A Short Topic Extravaganza

The Secret Cabal's 2020 Fundraiser is live on Kickstarter right now! Jump over to Kickstarter and search The Secret Cabal 2020 now or head over to and click the banner! In today's episode the Founders start out by talking about some games they've been playing including: Star Trek Conflick in the Neutral Zone, Chronicles of Crime: Welcome to Review, On Mars, Chrono-Trek, Star Realms, and Among the Stars. Then Tony, Aaron and Jamie jump right into a feature review of Charterstone, specifically the Steam digital edition designed by Jamey Stegmier and published by Stonemier Games and look back at Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Outer Rim. Then Tony T goes ape with some important news from all around the gaming industry while the gang chatters in the background. Then the Founders end the episode with another Short Topic Extravaganza including discussion about Expansions, Dungeon Crawl Games and who would play us in the movies.

Tabletop Talk Episode 75: Insider Insight with James Baldwin (Drowned Earth Miniature Game)

Join Craig, and his guest, James Baldwin, talks about the process of designing a game and bringing it to market. Learn how he goes from concept to complete game.