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Monday is over. Tuesday is upon us. The work well is well underway. Let's help speed it along with some gaming podcasts so you don't have to listen to Nina in Corporate Accounts Reveivable answer the phone.

Today on the dial we have: Breathing Flames Episode 10: The Price of Pretty; Chance of Gaming Episode 114; Chance of Gaming Breachstorm Interview; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 251: What we did on our holidays, 2018; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 171: Chat; Playin’ and Slayin’ Episode 23: My Little Zombicide; Lords of the Dungeon Episode 19: Our Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Update and Player Meta; The Rolistes Episode 29 (Bonus 1): UK Games Expo 2018, Brendan Lasalle’s Dungeon Crawl Classics “Symptom of the Universe” (featuring Brendan Lasalle); Episode 96 - Jerry Hawthorne & Colby Dauch talk Comanauts, Gen7, and Plaid Hats!; and Guild Ball Tonight Episode 84: The Blind Agoraphobic has Opinions.

Breathing Flames Episode 10: The Price of Pretty

What is pretty worth to you? Are you willing to spend more on a game if it looks nice? Join us as we discuss the lengths we are willing and not so willing to go for a pretty game.

Chance of Gaming Episode 114

In this episode we talk about Arkansas Comic Con, Root, Tortured Earth RPG, Star Wars Legion, Taiyo Dynasties plus news and other games we played

Chance of Gaming Breachstorm Interview

A supplemental episode featuring a interview with Trevor Attridge the creator of Breachstorm.

Meeples & Miniatures Episode 251: What we did on our holidays, 2018

Welcome to Episode 251 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

The Meeples Crew return from their summer break with a show that looks back at what they have been doing over the summer.

Neil Shuck & Mike Hobbs are joined by guest presenter Dave Luff as they confess their hobby purchases, discuss what games they have been playing and talk about their latest hobby projects.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 171: Chat

Roy and Rob talk about some news and what games we have been playing!
The guys cover the usual of what they’ve been playing, building and buying including an epic Zombicide Black Plague game. My Little Scythe is the game in the “Play it or Slay it” review this time, and Ty and Josh go #BehindtheMic with hard-hitting questions for Troy “The BoD Father”
In Episode 19 the Lords give and update on their current Dungeons and Dragons campaign and all the stuff their characters are getting into. And then based on some things that happened in our most recent gaming session, discuss Player Meta and how we separate doing what's best from a game standpoint and doing whats best from a role playing standpoint.
After our almost traditional birthday interruption, we are back at UK Games Expo for a “Bonus” episode with the awesome Brendan Lasalle from Goodman Games.

Thanks Lee Neilson for getting me in touch with Brendan. this episode wouldn’t have happened without you.

Thanks also to the players who participated to this game session and accepted to be recorded. In the action, I completely forgot to take your names and contact details (please reach me if you read this).

We will be back in a couple week for more interviews recorded at UK Games Expo.

Again I recorded again way too much material there.

Episode 96 - Jerry Hawthorne & Colby Dauch talk Comanauts, Gen7, and Plaid Hats!

There's a special spark to Plaid Hat Games, and from where I'm sitting, that comes down to family, creativity, and ambition. I'm joined by Jerry Hawthorn (designer of Mice & Mystics, Stuffed Fables, and Comanauts) and Plaid Hat founder Colby Dauch (designer of Summoner Wars) to talk about that spark, and these awesome, immersive, and inventive games.

Guild Ball Tonight Episode 84: The Blind Agoraphobic has Opinions

We return to kvetch about season 4 with limited information. We also throw shade at Phil's day job by trashing the use of apps.