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Play The Fox in the Forest with Renegade Game Studios This Wednesday

Renegade Game Studios is running their Worldwide Play Days every Wednesday. You can tune in with them and watch some games and play along. You can even win prizes! This upcoming week, they'll be playing The Fox in the Forest. For details, read on.

From the website:

During the month of April, we invite you to join us for Worldwide Play Day to come together, play games, and win promos!

What is Worldwide Play Day?

Worldwide Play Day is an event we’ll be running on Wednesdays starting on April 1st. You can watch our stream in the Facebook event and join chat to be entered to win a promo pack, starting at NOON Pacific (3 PM Eastern)!

Additionally, we invite gamers to start playing the featured game of the week at the same time! As you play, we’ll post global effects on Twitter as well as in our event on Facebook every so often (about 5-10 minutes) that will affect your games and the games of everyone else playing along, including those on our stream! Watch along and/or play along and see how you all react to these global events in realtime!

If you broadcast your games using Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have a chance to earn promos for our games! Three lucky winners will be selected each week who use the hashtag #WorldwidePlayDay sharing a photo of their game! To share your games, you’ll need:

  • A copy of The Fox in the Forest for April 8th

  • A friend to play with

  • The ability to follow along with the global effect posts and share images of your game

    (following @PlayRenegade on Twitter OR by joining the Facebook Event with your Facebook account.)