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Planegea RPG Campaign Setting Guide Up On Kickstarter

Sure, D&D takes players into a medieval world and may sometimes have, like,dinosaurs around. But what if you want to go back much, much further and have dinosaurs pretty much everywhere? I mean, that sounds pretty awesome to me. And that's what you get in Planegea, a new campaign setting guide for 5th edition D&D that's up on Kickstarter now from Atlas Games.

From the campaign:

Planegea is the primordial fantasy campaign setting for 5th Edition, where a dungeon means the curse-painted caves of a cannibal clan. Gone are the safe hearths of taverns and libraries, kingdoms and cathedrals. Planegea is a place of utter wildness, where survival is the only law and it must be carved from the world by force of might and magic.

Nothing is as you expect in Planegea. Elves are shimmering dream-walkers, dwarves are half stone, humans are beast-tamers, halflings are silent stalkers, gnomes are filthy scavengers, and dragonborn are just a heartbeat away from their draconic ancestors.

The campaign's close to 4x funded with 29 days to go.