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Plait Hat Previews Breaker Events in Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat rolls along with their daily previews of the upcoming cards for Summoner Wars 2nd edition decks. They're keeping on with the Breakers today with a look at two of their Event cards.

From the preview:

Welcome back summoners! The Breakers are tightening their grip on enemy forces, and today we’ll show off a couple more event-based ways of doing just that!

Perplexing Tempest is short and sweet to read, but is anything but that for your opponent. An entire turn of reduced movement can be a surefire way to prevent your opponents from getting back into the fray or pushing damage through to your summoner. Since this event is played in the magic phase, you won’t have to worry about receiving this penalty yourself. The Breakers have a distinct mobility advantage as we’ve seen in the previous previews, and Perplexing Tempest furthers that very leverage.

Hypnotic Call is a great asset for any Tacullu players with Mind Capture on their mind. This event can pull an enemy unit one step closer to Tacullu’s range, while also increasing her attack against that enemy. It is a perfect storm for trying to capture a select enemy unit, especially if you can drop both copies of this event in the same turn!