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Plaid Hat Updates About Card Sizes in Ashes Reborn

When you've got a card game, you need to make sure that the cards are all identical in size and coloration so that some don't stand out from others. Unfortunately, that has happened with a batch of Ashes Reborn cards. Plaid Hat Games has posted an update on the situation.

From the post:

Hello Ashes Players!

 As many of you already know the Breaker of Fate Deluxe Expansion Kits were delivered with the card sizes being slightly larger with darker backs than previously released Ashes cards. We are currently working with our new manufacturer to get these cards corrected as fast as possible.

Ashes Reborn subscribers will receive a pack of corrected cards with their next subscription release in Quarter 3 of this year - The Gorrenrock Survivors and The Messenger of Peace. North American retailers will receive The Breaker of Fate Deluxe Expansions Kits with the correct card size when those become available in three months.

The misprinted cards are still tournament legal if sleeved with standard size opaque sleeves.

We apologize for this error and are working with our printer to make sure this does not happen in the future.