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Plaid Hat Previews Polar Dwarve for Summoner Wars

As long as Plaid Hat keeps posting Summoner Wars previews, we'll keep sharing them. This time, it's a new faction coming to the forefront as we get the first look at the Polar Dwarves deck.

From the article:

Welcome back, summoners! It is time to begin previewing the next faction from the Summoner Wars Master Set: the Polar Dwarves! This faction is brand new to the second edition, but combines a few themes from the first edition regarding structures and icy events! They have a lot of cards that work like cogs in a machine, properly aligning to get the full Polar Dwarves engine running! Let’s start with their summoner, Svara.

Svara is one of the most unique summoners in the master set due to her Structural Shift ability. Gates and other structures are typically stationary cards once they hit the battlefield, making it an often tough choice to decide where you want to establish your summoning points for the rest of the game. Svara flips this concept completely, mobilizing her structures with fluidity to always have the upper hand on positioning. There are a handful of structures in the Polar Dwarves suite available, perhaps most notably, the Ice Golem!

Ice Golems play double-duty for Svara by being both a Gate Structure as well as a unit! To make up for their dual utility, Ice Golems lumber around the battlefield with 1 less space of movement than everyone else. However, Svara can help mitigate this with her Structural Shift ability to give them an extra push!