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Plaid Hat Previews More Polar Dwarves For Summoner Wars

I knew it was coming eventually. Pretty much any faction that's based in the polar regions will eventually get a bear cavalry unit. And that's what we get a look at in this preview for the Polar Dwarves' upcoming Summoner Wars deck. And, I mean, we also get a look at the Ice Smith, but who cares about them compared to the bears, anyway?

From the preview:

Welcome back summoners! The Polar Dwarves are on the frontlines today and are ready to fight! Leading the charge is the Bear Cavalry!

Bear Cavalry have a simple but important role to play for the Polar Dwarves - trample forward over weak enemy commons and hold the front line. 3 cost is a steep price to pay for a common unit, but Bear Cavalry have the stats and pressure to be worth it!

If you are looking to further increase your melee fighting abilities, look no further than the Ice Smith. Opposite to the Cavalry, the Ice Smith is a 0 cost unit that is easy to get into battle! If you are concerned about giving your opponent magic by putting smaller units into the fray, Ice Smith can also use the Frost Axe ability to supercharge their melee attacks!