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Plaid Hat Previews More Events for Cave Goblins in Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Games is previewing some more cards for the upcoming Cave Goblin deck for the 2nd edition of Summoner Wars. This time, they're looking at another pair of events that are apparently what this new deck is all about.

From the preview:

Welcome back summoners! Today is the last preview for the Cave Goblins, and it wraps up with the most faction-defining events of them all. Let’s dive in!

Unrelenting is a brutal one-two punch of resource denial for your opponent and resource generation for yourself. This event is often at the core of critical power turns for the Cave Goblins, where you have a massive horde pressuring your opponent. Unrelenting singlehandedly halts your opponent’s ability to develop against this pressure, and any attempts to do so will only result in fueling your next wave of goblin gangs!

Capping off the Cave Goblins is the epic event exclusive to Sneeks: Enrage the Horde! This event is simply all things Cave Goblins. The bigger your horde is, the more damage this card causes. The previously revealed event, Pile On, even persists through this second wave of attacks for even more deadly damage. Use this one wisely to create an insurmountable breakthrough to the enemy summoner! 

That’s all for the Cave Goblins! Stay tuned for the next faction: the Breakers!