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Plaid Hat Previews More Breakers For Summoner Wars

The daily Summoner Wars previews continue. Plaid Hat Games has some more Breakers to show off for the new decks coming out. Check out the Wind Mage and Kalal.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! The Breakers are forcing their way into another preview, this time highlighting their ability to manipulate unit position around the battlefield.

Wind Mages are a trusty ranged unit with good stats and affordable cost. Their Push ability can be a strategy-defining ability allowing for additional movement options during the attack phase. Notice that Wind Mages can force either friendly or enemy units with this ability, allowing you to push on your attackers, remove a unit from blocking another target, or any other number of tactical rearrangements.

Kalal is a graduated version of the Wind Mage, coming equipped with Greater Push, increasing her range of influence by one space. In addition, Kalal has Steadfast, preventing her own forcing tricks from being used against her. Kalal has a steep cost of 7, but should immediately shape the rest of the game in your favor with her presence and strength.