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Plaid Hat Previews Healers for The Vanguard in Summoner Wars

The Vanguard help their own. In battle, they have several units devoted to keeping the rest of their forces in tip-top shape. We get a look at these healers for their Summoner Wars deck in this preview.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! The Vanguard’s prayers have been answered! Today we’ll take a look at the healing and protection abilities found in this deck.

Temple Priests are a cheap unit to bring into play and can play an important role in the Vanguards’ formations. While they can be used for standard attacks, they can also “attack” friendly units and convert their results into healing! Those bulky Citadel Knights and powerful Vanguard champions very much appreciate some added resilience to get maximum value from their persistent abilities.

Guarding Spirits applies a strong protection aura to your common forces. When your units are only taking a maximum of 1 damage from the first time they are attacked, it can feel nigh impossible to crack through a sturdy line of citadel units. Find the right turn to play this event and watch the tides of battle quickly turn in your favor!