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Plaid Hat Posts New Guardians Preview

Guardians is out there on store shelves. You can pick up your copies now. But, as with many games, it's getting expansions. In this case, it's the Uprising Hero Pack, which, as the name implies, gives you more hero options for your games. In this preview, we get a look at two of them.

From the post:

Welcome to an all-new Guardians preview! The base game of Guardians is in stores now and available from our own web store as well!  We’ve been thrilled to see the response so far and we’re excited to add even more heroes to the fray! Back in August, we announced the first expansion for Guardians, the Uprising Hero Pack. This expansion will add four new heroes to the Guardians roster for players to explore and combine with their collection. Today we’re going to look over two of these heroes and a few of their cards. Let’s take a look at the first new hero found in this expansion. Introducing: Chamber!