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Plaid Hat Posts New Familiar Tales Preview

In Familiar Tales, a group of wizards familiars are having to take care of the heir of the kingdom. But anyone with a kid knows that taking care of one isn't easy. Get a look at how it'll work in the game with this preview.

From the article:

Hello, and welcome back to our preview series, introducing our upcoming adventure game Familiar Tales. It’s an exciting narrative board game for 1-4 players, ages 8 and up. This is the fifth article in the series. You can view previous articles by going here.

 Our familiars are a disparate foursome of magical creatures who have been tasked with caring for and protecting an infant princess. They are refugees being sought by the evil Lord Perish and his despicable henchmen. They have no home, they are naive to the ways of the world, and they have no childcare experience. It’s a lot to learn, and a lot of responsibility. Fortunately for them, they have you, the players, to guide them through the rugged land, escaping treachery, forging life bonds, and experiencing the pride and pressures of parenting.

 “Together they were not just familiars, they were a family, and just like any other family, they cared for each other and had each other’s backs. And that is where all good stories begin. With a family.“