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Plaid Hat Posts New Fallen Kingdom Preview

Plaid Hat is keeping up their daily previews for the upcoming Summoner Wars decks. As with last one, they're delving into the Fallen Kingdom with one of their common units and regular events that make up the backbone of the playstyle.

From the preview:

Welcome back summoners! Today’s previews come from deep within the fiery forges of the Fallen Kingdom. Check them out!

Hellfire Cultists have a simple role: to be thrown them into the heat of battle where they can explode! Their Immolate ability can dish out plenty of damage both as a retaliation to being attacked, as well as from using your own sacrificial effects to trigger it. At a cost of 0, it is plenty easy to send in some cultists into the mix and guarantee they leave a mark!

The Hellforged Weapon event is another low cost way to amplify your damage dealing capabilities, but it comes with a drawback. In exchange for +2 strength on a common you control, any special symbols rolled will deal cursed damage back to the wielder. Should you have a Hellfire Cultist equipped with this card, you may even trigger a devastating chain reaction of explosive damage!