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Plaid Hat Introduces Breakers For Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Games is taking a break from the Cave Goblins for Summoner Wars for a look at the next faction, the Breakers. Get a look at their Summoner and her Epic Event card. She epitomizes the phrase, "what's yours is mine."

From the article:

Welcome back, summoners! It is time to begin previewing the next faction from the Summoner Wars Master Set: the Breakers! This reimagined faction is jam-packed with powerful mind control, forced movements, and aerial agility. To kick things off, check out the Breakers’ summoner, Tacullu!

Tacullu is a sturdy summoner with 13 life and suitable ranged abilities. Her greatest strength of course lies in her Mind Capture ability, allowing you to permanently take control of any enemy unit you defeat with her attack. Enemies of Tacullu beware, for the closer you get to Tacullu, the stronger you’ll feel the pull of her mind control effects!

Mind Control is Tacullu’s epic event, giving her exclusive access to this powerful tool. This devastating event can wholly dismantle the positioning of incoming enemy attackers and even allow them to turn on their allies for attacks! If you are feeling particularly aggressive with your summoner, it is possible to even rush Tacullu up to the frontline and Mind Control enemy units in range of the enemy summoner! Surely this powerful event will be essential to many victories for the Breakers!